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Charity project "World is in our hands" to help children

Charity project "World is in our hands" to help children
For many of us traveling becomes part of a life, but sometimes it grows into something more special. To being able to visit different places, meet with new people, to know their culture, customs, learn something new ... that cannot be perceived on your ipad - that is so important!

For several years, we share our experiences and help you to get  more about new places that you've never been, or have a look at a flip side. Initially, the blog had a target to help us stay in touch with our relatives and friends who happened scattered around the world. We therefore sought to bridge the gap of distance and give them an opportunity to travel with us. Now our audience became wider, and it means that now we've got much more new friends.

Travels allow us to look into people lives, sometimes severe and troubled. At these moments we begin to search opportunities to help others.  We share your instances! But sometimes in daily life, we lose our spirit. With this reason together with Booking.com we propose you to participate in a Charity Project "World is in our hands" to help children. 

The idea is very simple! Every time when you are going on your next trip, take advantage of a specialized reference link to website Booking.com and book a room at your hotel with the best price, and then the Booking.com will transfer 2% of the total cost of your booking on a special accumulation account of the CharityProject. All funds collected during the month will be submitted into concrete foundations for specific purposes. For example, the Foundation of Chulpan Khamatova "Gift of Life".

All information about the results will be monthly published on the website or Facebook. Share this article with your friends and family, proposes the idea at your work, whatever  you go on a business trip or vacation, and we will see what results we can achieve together.

Just click on the link and book a room with the best Booking.com price, and you will be able to help children in need. After booking, please leave your comment below this article put your name and place of the trip to generate a list of Charity people. 
Let the List will be endless!

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